History of Central County Emergency 911

Central County Fire Alarm was created by authority contained in Section 321.243/245 RSMo (Rev 1968) in 1969 under the auspices and control of the Creve Coeur Fire Protection District. In August of 1972 the Alarm Center was removed from the responsibility of the Creve Coeur District, but maintained facilities in the Creve Coeur Fire Station at 11720 Olive Blvd. The organization was continued in this capacity until 1978 when several significant changes were made.

Central County Fire Alarm was reorganized as Central County Alarm Service in April of 1978 and moved from the Creve Coeur Station to a facility leased from the City of Ellisville at 37 Weis Ave. A by-laws and agreement was prepared and adopted by the Fire Protection Districts of Ballwin, Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Eureka and Manchester and the Municipalities of Frontenac and Town and Country which contains the responsibilities of each entity to, and within the organization. Central County was then established on a firm foundation and through the cooperation of each member, began to grow and expand.

Immediately after this reorganization, the entities instituted plans to upgrade the dispatching service and equipment.  Expansion in the geographical area of service was discussed and plans were initiated for the construction of a new alarm facility. In October 1980 the Pacific Fire Protection District became a member.

In January 1979 the organization purchased two (2) acres of land on Weis Ave in Ellisville and a firm was retained to design an underground facility. This was done and financing was anticipated through a Federal Grant, however this did not materialize.

In early 1980 the organization purchased an entirely new communications system and revised the system of dispatching. Since that time the system has been refined and revised and today Central County offers the most modern and efficient form of dispatching service in the St Louis area. The organization was not yet satisfied however, and in 1981 the Board of Directors reactivated the plans for a facility in which to house the Center.

The original concept was to purchase a building from the Ballwin District and remodel this into a facility. During discussions of this idea, a suggestion was introduced for the construction of a new facility on the property owned by the Center. Naturally, the first hurdle to offer a challenge was financing, but this was overcome by each entity agreeing to a special assessment. In addition to their special assessment, the Chesterfield District volunteered an additional sum as prepayment for future assessments. Without this revenue, the facility could not have been a reality and the organization sincerely thanks the Chesterfield District for their cooperation and fine assistance.

With financing available the Board of Directors retained Tom Hall as Architect and plans and specifications for the new building were formulated. A rigid budget was then established for construction and bids were solicited. George Smith and Son's Contractors were chosen from Thirteen bidders and a contract was awarded. Construction commenced immediately and Ross Smith the contractor promises completion in 90 days. This will mean the Center will be fully operational by January 1, 1983.

Central County Alarm Service would have become extinct long ago had it not been for the full and sincere cooperation of the participating entities. The spirit in which this cooperation is given is the driving force behind the organization and the contribution made by each entity is immeasurable. truly it reflects what can be done when individual organizations cooperate for a mutual undertaking.


Central County Emergency 911
22 Weis Ave
Ellisville, MO 63011
Phone: (636) 207-7911